Jim Geyer

Len and Jim founded Belvoir Information Technology in 1980. Jim has completed a Master of Science and Diploma in Education at the University of New England. Jim first came to Bathurst as a lecturer in Mathematics and Computing for Charles Sturt University. The partnership started when Len joined Jim as a lecturer at the Business School in 1973. Jim has extensive programming experience in many languages from Cobol to C++. During his time as a university lecturer he taught many of the experienced programmers that have worked for Belvoir successfully for many years. Jim has designed and developed computing systems for a large variety of industry including Hospitality (Point Of Sale, Sydney Olympic Games Accomodation, Pizza Home deliveries, and Reservations), Livestock (Saleyards, Agent Offices and Feedlots), Health, and Accounting.


Adam Goulding

Adam joined the Belvoir team in 2007 after completing a Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Software Development. Since this time Adam has further developed his skills as a software developer leading the team on many projects in both design and development. Adam has added to his programming becoming a skilled Database and Network administrator.